Thursday, May 22, 2008

Artichokes Beware

Well, I finally did it. I managed to successfully eat an artichoke that I bought from the produce department. I learned some important lessons though:
1. Artichokes hurt. There are lots of prickly things on the outside, and just when you think you've evaded all potential harm, the insides have them too.

2. When the instructions say "melon baller" or "grapefruit spoon", that is important to know. Using a blunt edged teaspoon will not make getting the weird fuzzy stuff out of the center easy. (It doesn't work "just as well")

3. Artichokes have weird fuzzy stuff in the center of them. Very disturbing.

4. If you accidentally remove all of the lovely tender leaves from the middle, you can tuck them back inside and steam it anyway.

This is definitely worth trying again! Yours humbly, Butterbur.

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