Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eat Here Now! The Colonel's Pancake House

I have recently returned from a road trip, and had the fortune of stopping at Colonel's Pancake House in Joplin, Missouri for lunch. This place has the best pancakes, and you can order just about any variety that you can think of. You have to eat here if you are ever in Joplin! The pancake house is located at 842 S Rangeline Road, and is well worth the stop.

The Colonel's Pancake House was built 50 years ago (1958). It started out as a candy store that was in business for 2 years, and then became the pancake house. They have been serving up delicious pancakes for the last 48 years!

The inside of the pancake house is charming and homey. They have booths as well as tables.
This is a picture of blueberry pancakes. As you can see, the pancakes are huge! If you order 3 of them, be prepared to be stuffed!
I ordered the peanut butter pancakes. I requested the addition of chocolate chips, so I ended up with peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes. I was so excited!
This is the peach fold over. The pancake house has all different varieties of pancakes...pretty much if you can think it, it's there. They also have sandwiches and other breakfast foods.

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